Fridays for Future USA mobilizes to promote specific issues, highlight activists, and raise awareness on issues affecting marginalized communities. Campaigns and actions are meant to educate, inspire, and culminate in change.

To participate in a strike, join a Local Group and follow FFF USA on social media.

For general strike inquiries, please contact 

For collaboration or partnership inquiries, please contact

Global Strikes

#BuildBackGreenThe goal of our #BuildBackGreen campaign is to hold Biden accountable for the promises he made for a Green Recovery and to invigorate our community. We are catalyzing the remobilization of the U.S. Climate Strike Movement!
#FightClimateInjusticeWe led a global digital action to expose the inherent corrupt relationship between the United States government and the fossil fuel industry – specifically highlighting dirty money taken by high-level government officials.


Saving TuvaluSaving Tuvalu and Fridays for Future USA partnered to raise awareness for the community of Tuvalu – an island nation experiencing the worst climate impacts to date. In 50 years, Tuvalu will be underwater. We must take immediate action to halt the physical and cultural erosion of communities around the globe. Visit to see their work.
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