We’ve long worried about the potential of malicious foreign invaders arriving on Earth and causing destruction. This hypothetical alien invasion has been the plotline for numerous successful movies and TV shows, as well as being the throughline for countless conspiracy theories over the last 50+ years. 

And while humans have pressed the government for evidence of life on other planets, and the possible threat of their relocation to Earth, we’ve been busy destroying our own home. 

From anti-environment legislation and a lack of federal regulations, to man-made deforestation that devastates natural ecosystems globally, it’s abundantly clear that the humans already living on Earth are far more dangerous to the future of our planet than any aliens could ever be. 

With the midterm elections approaching and the reality that 139 elected officials in the 117th Congress still deny the scientific consensus of human-caused climate change, Fridays for Future U.S. releases “Aliens”, a four-part poster series powerfully illustrating that our fears of deadly alien invasion are the least of our concerns. The reality is that the aliens are already here, and they’re doing irreparable damage.  Whether it’s the denial of climate change or the lack of action to address it, these aliens are already destroying our planet – one local election at a time. 

Utilizing retro Sci-Fi motifs, “Aliens” depicts four different environments under attack by humans who look eerily similar to the aliens attacking a foreign planet. 

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