Build Back Green

March 19th is the date of the upcoming Global Climate Strike. The international theme is #NoMoreEmptyPromises. In the United States, we will be organizing digital actions around this theme and applying it to President Biden’s administration. In President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, he has promised to place renewable energy infrastructure and clean jobs at the center of the economic recovery from the pandemic. The goal of this campaign is to hold Biden accountable for the promises he made and to mobilize the public support for a Green Recovery. We’re tying this all back together with our theme of #BuildBackGreen.

1. Current science

1.1 Findings in the IPCC Report

1.2 Carbon Neutrality and Negativity

2. Social Justice Intersection in a Green Recovery

2.1 Climate Justice is Racial Justice

2.2 An Economic Revolution

3. Investing in a Green Recovery

3.1 Why has the UN failed to deliver?

3.2 Accountability

4. US Green Revolution

4.1 What is clean energy?

4.2 Clean energy economy

we must build back green.

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