Earth Is No Toy

For Earth Day 2023, Fridays for Future US releases the campaign “Earth is no toy” addressing G20 Leaders.

In celebration of Earth Day (April 22, 2023), ‘Fridays for Future US’ of the global youth-led climate strike movement galvanized by Greta Thunberg, has unveiled their latest advertising campaign, “Earth is no toy.” Through this campaign the organization invites G20 leaders to take the necessary steps towards addressing the climate crisis and protecting our planet. The G20 is supposed to address climate change mitigation and sustainable development. The campaign features G20 leaders depicted as children, holding our planet like a ball, with the tagline “Earth is no toy”.

The campaign is a call to action for our leaders to acknowledge the gravity of the situation, with the hope that they will become the role models we need. It’s intended to touch our leaders, to remind them not to treat our Earth as a toy, and to encourage them to work towards a more sustainable future for us all. The recent IPCC report reiterated that the science is clear and the need to act is urgent. Even the UN Secretary General has called out world leaders for their inaction.

Katharina Maier, Fridays For Future US:
“Humanity is at a crossroads. Now is when we decide how we want to go on as a civilization. Will we create a livable, just, equitable future for everyone? Or will we let present and future generations live with chaos and destruction? The planet’s life supporting systems are disintegrating, and our environment needs to be restored.”

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