Local Groups

Because we are a decentralized, grassroots movement, our strength is in our local groups and on-the-ground organizers. Local groups are autonomous and are free to organize any kind of actions related to climate change as long as they align with our core values and the organizers feel like it fulfills our collective demands.

You can join an existing local group in the FFF U.S. network by clicking on their contact info below. If there’s no local group in your area or your group would like to join the FFF U.S. network, you can fill out the forms at the bottom of the page. We’re so excited you want to take action with us!


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If you are an
active local group,
you are amazing and
we want to support

If you want to
start a local group,
you are a hero and
we want to help

If you just want to
join our email list,
that’s awesome and
we’ll try to keep you

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