October 22, 2021 Global Climate Strike

On Friday, September 24th, over 800,000 people took to the streets in over 1,500 locations to take part in the Global Climate Strike where we united with each other to #UprootTheSystem!

In the midst of the various public health, sociopolitical, and economic crises that the world continues to face, climate activists call to address the climate crisis at its roots which means addressing racism, sexism, ableism, class inequality, and other systems of injustice and oppression.

We’re not done! We’re going to keep striking, and this October 22nd, it’s time for another Global Climate Strike to continue the pressure on world leaders and demand for concrete plans and actions, and to make sure that these plans and actions leave no one behind, especially the most marginalized.

See our national demands here.

Read more about the international strike narrative and demands here.


Physical Strikes in the FFF U.S. network:

Your Local Group isn’t on this list? Join them and help them plan a strike!

For the Press Release and media-related inquiries, see the media page.

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