On September 20th 2024, we will continue the fight to #EndFossilFuels.

We are taking to the streets on September 20th to demand action from those in power. The science is clear: the climate crisis is a fossil fuel crisis. It’s time to End The Era of Fossil Fuels.

For decades, climate scientists have warned about climbing global temperatures but our leaders and people in power have refused to act. Presidents and prime ministers of the wealthiest nations have failed to rein in the fossil economy and limit global heating. These leaders must answer to us. Communities across the globe, especially those from the Most Affected Peoples and Areas (MAPA), are already facing the consequences of this neglect. 

The Climate Crisis is Here

The climate crisis is not at the doorstep, nor knocking on our front door. It is inside our house. The bathroom is flooded and the kitchen is on fire. 2023 was the hottest year on record; communities around the globe are plagued by barren droughts, fierce wildfires, extreme storms, withering harvests, and disastrous sea level rise. For decades, climate scientists have warned about precisely these dangers resulting from climbing global temperatures, now it’s time to act! 

Biden Must Step Up

President Biden needs to step up and become the climate President he claims to be!  After signing into law the largest climate investment bill in U.S. history, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Biden continues to expand mega fossil fuel developments and has outpaced Trump in issuing new fossil fuel leases. While the IRA includes necessary infrastructure and economic investments for a renewable energy transition, it’s full of loopholes, giveaways, and dangerous concessions that continue to disproportionately burden communities already most affected by the climate crisis.  Biden’s recent pause of new liquid natural gas export terminals is a small step in the right direction but projects such as CP2 must not be completed if the U.S. is to take on its global responsibility as the historically largest emitter of CO2.

The Fossil Fuel Industry

The fossil fuel economy demands billions of dollars in subsidies, investments, and payouts, while cashing in exponentially more. As we fight to #EndFossilFuels we must remain watchful and demand a comprehensive transition. As they sense a transition towards renewables, the fossil fuel industry is seeking escape hatches such as plastics and pesticides (both processed forms of fossil fuels!) to maintain their industries and continue profiting.

Climate Justice

A just transition towards a renewable, regenerative, and sustainable economy demands investments in people, communities, and the planet. The climate crisis is only one of the interlinked triple planetary crises: climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Our way of life is no longer sustainable within planetary boundaries – we are currently destroying the very ecosystems that allow us to thrive. This exploitation of nature is frequently accompanied by an exploitation of low income communities, people of color, and indigenous peoples and cultures. We need a rapid, just, and equitable transition away from fossil fuels. 

Join the Mobilization!

Our communities, our planet, and our futures are being menaced by oil and gas corporations and the decisions made by elected leaders that prop them up. But it doesn’t have to be this way, another world is possible. We deserve a world free from fossil fuels. This is our chance, and Biden’s opportunity, to break free from fossil fuels and build an equitable and safe future for all. We demand bold climate action for a livable future.

We are coming together, across the globe, to fight back against the fossil fuel industry and its enablers. Together, we are unstoppable as we build and imagine a fossil fuel-free world. We must End the Era of Fossil Fuels in a just and equitable way. Are you in?

September 20 – actions in the FFF USa network:

This list will be continuously updated as local groups publicize their plans.

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