Stop the Dirty Deal

Within the deal to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest climate investment in the history of the United States, are massive fossil fuel handouts.

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin are trying to attach separate legislation (Manchin’s fossil fuel wish list) that fast tracks fossil fuel permit approval and harms community and regulatory efforts. We cannot lock in more fossil fuel development, and we cannot call a fossil fuel bill a climate win.

And this is what you can do:

  1. Demand your representatives publicly oppose the Side Deal
  2. Sign the petitions

Congressional Representatives to Call On:

Look up your rep’s office number and use these handles to call them out on twitter. This toolkit has info on what to say and background information on why this is so important!

SENATE: @SenWarren, @SenBooker, @SenStabenow, @SenatorDurbin, @SenKaineTeam, @SenJeffMerkley, @SenMarkey, @SenDuckworth, @SenAlexPadilla, @SenatorBern, @SenatorBaldwin, @MarkWarner, @SenatorWarnock, @SenOssoff, @SenAmyKlobuchar

HOUSE: @RepJayapal, @rosadelauro, @SpeakerPelosi, @LeaderHoyer, @RepEspaillat, @RepLBR, @RepRoybalAllard, @RepBarragan, @RepAOC, @Ilhan, @RepPressley, @RepRashida, @RepBowman, @RepCori

Public Sign-On Petitions:

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