Stop the Willow Project

The Willow Project is a proposed development within the 24 million acre Natural Petroleum Reserve on Alaska’s North Slope, the largest piece of undisturbed public land in the United States. 

If approved, Willow would:

The fight against the Willow Project is for both our current and future wellbeing. If Biden approves Willow, he would lock in 30 more years of fossil fuel development in the United States. Furthermore, If Biden approves Willow, it could set a precedent for him to continue approving disastrous oil and gas projects

The permitting process for the Willow Project is led by the Department of the Interior and agency Secretary Deb Haaland, who report to President Biden. As of now in the process:

When can Biden step in? Now.

what you can do:

Congressional Representatives:

Look up your Rep’s office and use these handles to call them out on twitter. This toolkit has info on what to say and background information on why this is so important! Ranking Member @RepRaulGrijalva and @SenMarkey were joined by the following Congressional Representatives:

SENATE: @SenatorCantwell, @Tammy Duckworth, @SenJeffMerkley, @SenSanders, @SenWarren, and @WydenPress.

HOUSE: @RepBarragán, @RepBlumenauer, @RepBowman, @RepCohen, @RepDianaDeGette, @RepHuffman, @RepJayapal, @RepRoKhanna, @RepBarbara Lee, @RepMikeLevin, @RepSchakowsky, @RepDarrenSoto, and @RepAOC.


Check out our press release here.

“The Willow Project is a carbon bomb, and an environmental and political disaster that we cannot afford. President Biden promised young people, climate voters, and frontline communities that he would stop oil and gas expansion on federal land, and that he would be a climate president. A climate president wouldn’t approve Willow.” – Liv Schroeder, National Policy Director

[To President Biden] “This project would harm Alaska communities and ecosystems, and condemn us to even more climate destruction. Millions of people have called on you to #StopWillow. Listen to the millions fighting for our future – the people you are supposed to represent and protect.” – Kat Maier, National Coordinator

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